Dysfunction Part I


i! I have a gift to offer you and it involves something I am very passionate about.

You can choose to read on or stop here - it is not specifically about HOA law or a practical solution to an HOA problem. But it is about finding a way to live a happier life. I am looking forward to 2014 with great anticipation. January is a very good month to start anew, transition, and open up your heart and mind to new experiences, to gain a valuable shift toward new thoughts and attitudes, and/or to expand upon the things that are working in your life. January 1 is a trigger for many to make resolutions planning for improvement in their lives. I am no exception. I will be using my own "Passion List" for my resolutions. Already the clarity they have brought me is astounding. And Itruly hope that this holiday season as well as forever after leads to you feeling a similar level of excitement or renewal. The rollover to a new year can serve as a time to reinvent yourself or look for a better or different way of thinking or acting towards yourself of others.

I want you to know that I am thinking about you as this year turns over to 2014, as loyal readers of "What's New in HOA Land?" What's new on my end is that I have added some special training to my repertoire.

I thought I would let you know what it is all about.

Why Consider Taking The Passion Test?

Because it is one test you cannot fail.

I spent the past year studying The Passion Test and working with my sister who lives in Santa Fe as a facilitator. After working with her and getting my own focus on my own passions, I was so delighted that I went on to participate in facilitator training myself. I knew it would help me see why it worked so well, and would enable me to share it in a positive way. This training gave me a profound set of tools for myself as well as a specific way to help others by being a guide to truly identifying and prioritizing "Passions". Doing this allows one to be able to realistically focus on those things we love and that at any given time are most important to us. Passions are of course those things that matter most in our lives, and they are not always apparent. However, once clearly identified the focus can give us the power to live our lives to the fullest. This kind of clarity enables us to make our dreams and hopes become realities. It has the potential to rid us of old beliefs, concepts, and ideas that may have been getting in the way of achieving full potential in every aspect of our lives.

I heard a talk the other day and the speaker reminded listeners that every single human being is completely unique and has some gift or gifts - and the only thing holding any of us back is not allowing these gifts to come out. We have developed mindsets, assumptions, fears, misguided thoughts that get in the way. The day's guest and living example was Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent. The story as told was that she came from a difficult background, having been born the 9th of 9 children, without oxygen for an extended time because of complications at birth. She had always been told she was "slow" and her parents were told the same, and everyone believed it. It was said that in her late forties when her parents had both passe away and she was struggling emotionally and financially, she read about the auditions for the show. All she wanted to do was sing. She found a bus that she thought would take her close to where the auditions were to be held, but it did not, and she was lost. It took her several additional bus rides and transfers but she amazingly got there. When she saw the hip young crowd lined up she knew she was different of course. But she stuck with it. When she entered the audition room there were some sniggers and Simon Cowell asked her "What do you want from this?" She responded simply, "I want to sing." And sing she did. And her gifts brought the world astounding joy. The clip on her performance on that show has apparently had more hits than any other video on the internet.

If she hadn't pursued her passion she could be sitting in a small apartment today struggling to get by, still believing she was "slow". This is not a Passion Test story but it is a real life example of what it might mean to access your own inner gift (or passion). Each of us has some special gift or gifts, some Passion waiting to be released.

I so look forward in the future to working with individuals in the New Year, and hope that all of your resolutions include a promise to yourself to give yourself the gift of focus and attention on what would help you fully realize a passion-filled life. Since sharing my gifts with others to enhance both of our lives is one of my passions, you are helping me to fulfill my own if you make an effort to help yourself. One way is to take advantage of what The Passion Test has to offer.

I will be doing Passion Test consultations and also workshops over the coming year, in addition continuing to do the writing, advocacy, and legal consulting involved in HOA law. The PT consultations will consist of two sessions approximately one hour each, which I will do in person if I can, or for those separated by distance, by Skype or telephone. Even without personalized services, as I understand financial concerns can get in the way, I will be able to provide you with a variety of helpful resources. First step, if you would like, you can have your "Passion Profile" done by clicking on the following link: click here.

You can take a short test and get solid results. I will warn you though that you will get follow-up emails. They contain wonderful messages, some great blogs, and some marketing from the creators of The Passion Test. Of course, you can always unsubscribe. However I can tell you from experience that the blogs and videos offered by the founders of The Passion Test are inspiring and will help you stay on course, if you are open to considering these as resources and not spam.

If you would like The Passion Test book let me know. I will be selling them for $20 which will include taxes and shipping, but you can also get this book on Amazon for about $14.00. The Authors are Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. I have purchased several so that I have them available to send to my clients whether or not any of you decide you want to work with me. I can tell you that I read it before working with my sister and never regretted it. It propelled me into a wonderful way of thinking, and added some sparks to my plans for the future which involve sharing valuable information, whether in the legal arena or outside of it. You don't have to have an HOA problem to benefit from The Passion Test way of thinking, but if you do, any shift of focus to what would really provide you with a passion-filled life will attract the positive as opposed to the negative. If you have any training or background in studying "the law of attraction", you will understand that if you stay focused on the things that you don't want in your life (debt, poor health, anger, stress, etc.), you will only get more of that.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy 2014! I sincerely wish you the very best.

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