Reorganized DS
Beth Grimm will provide a conversion chart at no cost to anyone who orders a publication or is a client. Just click here  and tell me what you ordered, or that you are a client requesting the chart.

There are lots of conversion charts available on the web. I did not post any here because I keep updating, changing and refining my charts to be more useful.

I prefer tailored specialized charts to meet the needs of the person seeking the information and I cannot do that for everyone.

For example, the Table of Contents in the new Davis Stirling Act in Plain English book­ which you can order here - click on "Webstore" above top on right - consists of a conversion chart, the new 2014 codes pointing to the pre-2014 codes, by subject, and additional reference to the page where they can be found.

When I amend or restate documents, I add a "backwards" conversion chart as an Exhibit so the Board and all owners can see all of the codes that pertain to the particular document provisions listed in order ­ for the 2014 statutes ­ pointing to the 2013 statutes.  This provides valuable information when "surfing the web" because all articles and references that appeared there prior to 1/1/2014 have the old references.

A conversion chart is an important tool. The revision of the Act was comprehensive and the legislature did not help by giving headings to the sections, and many of the preparers of charts skimped on the subject information or simply misstated it - so many of the conversion charts I have seen are misleading, faulty, or simply not comprehensive enough. As time progresses, I keep seeing things that could be improved on my own charts, so it is a fluid process, and that is why one has to ask for a chart to get one. That way my clients and people who purchase my publications get the most updated charts.

I appreciate your interest in having a chart. You can look for free charts on the California Law Revision Commission site as well as and and some other attorney sites.