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California background

beth BIOGRAPHY OF BETH A. GRIMM Attorney, Mediator, Author, Speaker Community Association Issues

Beth A. Grimm is a graduate of John F. Kennedy School of Law, Walnut Creek, California, Class of 1988. Prior to becoming an attorney, Beth worked in the community association field of law as a paralegal for several years and continued in this specialized area of the law as an attorney. Her combined more than 20 years of experience in dealing with community associations and people who live in them gives her a depth of knowledge, understanding and experience that is a cut above what many community association attorneys have to offer.

Beth represents community associations in all areas including, but not limited to, the areas of document updating and enforcement; elections, meetings, recall; formulation of policies, practices and procedures; fining structure and implementation; contract matters with vendors and contractors, service providers and managers; employment matters; legal disclosure requirements; architectural standards and review; and all disputes that arise between association members, board members, neighbors, contractors, and residents, including the conduct of hearings, violation letters, and recommendation of advisable action. She has represented concerned homeowners as well in situations where boards do not follow the law or afford the membership reasonable communications or opportunity to access important rights. She has been involved in litigation, mediations, conciliation and negotiation in various aspects of community association matters, and has acted as a mediator and as an advocate bringing parties to mediation.

Besides the usual aspects of legal representation for associations, Beth has been serving as a member of ECHO (Executive Council of Homeowners) for approximately 8 years and has severed as East Bay Resource Panel Chairperson for a number of years. She also serves on CAI-CLAC (Community Associations Institute-California Legislative Action Committee) and has since 1988. CAI and CLAC includes five different interest groups that are represented and involved in legislative issues and proposed laws that affect community associations. She has served as Statewide Public Relations Chairperson for CAI-CLAC for more than 10 years. Beth was Legislative Editor of CAI's Community Living of California (a CAI national publication, which served all members of the industry for several years), and has written many articles for ECHO and CAI publications, and for Board Briefs, a nationwide newsletter for board members. Her articles have been published in newsletters all over the state, and in the MANAGER'S REPORT, a Florida publication. She also writes THE CLAC CORNER - a periodic update of "What's Happening in Sacramento", and assists with the grassroots fax tree and polling processes for CLAC. She has written THE DAVIS-STIRLING ACT IN PLAIN ENGLISH, and co-authored a book entitled FINDING THE KEY TO YOUR CASTLE - both books have been well received in the industry as helpful tools.

Beth has conducted and assisted with many industry group seminars as a speaker and in the past has conducted monthly Q&A seminars for homeowners, board members, and realtors, that cover general topics of interest. She has been honored with awards including the National Author of the Year for CAI in 1996 and JFK UNIVERSITY- SCHOOL OF LAW Alumni of the Year in 1998.

3478 Buskirk Ave. #1000
Pleasant Hill, California 94523
OFFICE: (925) 746-7177
FAX: (925) 215-8454
EMAIL: Califcondoguru@aol.com

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