Creative Learnng Opportunities

Learning tree I am now writing classes and contributing as an author/instructor to a new website that will offer classes at a very affordable cost. The provider is "The Community Association Training Resource Center". hourglassThere will be various classes written by various instructors and as time goes on, I expect the list of offerings will grow.  My decision to join in this effort rather than offering classes myself has stemmed from one thing ...the precious commodity - TIME . I would rather write than set up another website.

These classes will not supplant the value of the Primers, Guides, and other resources available in the Webstore.   In the store you will find many educational tools that can be obtained right away including THE DAVIS STIRLING ACT IN PLAIN ENGLISH, the hottest thing in HOA law and Condo law education since sliced bread!

Understanding the law as it relates to HOAs, Condo Association and other common interest development properties is critically important, and I remain committed to help you find the best resources available!


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