RECORDS REQUEST FORM FOR _________________________________ HOA

  My purpose for asking to see/copy the following records is ____________________


____I would like to OR
____I would like to appoint as my agent, _____________________, on my behalf

            ______            Review/Inspect
            ______            Copy
            ______            Receive copies of

Association documents from

            _____              Prior Fiscal Year OR
            _____              Prior 3 fiscal Years

  These are the documents that are requested:



  In order satisfy my request,  (check all that apply)

  I [______ am  _____ am not willing] to come to the management office to review these records. [If you checked that you are not willing, then can you suggest a place that you would agree to review the records?__________________________________________. (If there is no agreement the Board has the right as an alternative to provide copies in lieu of the review.)

  I   [_______ want     ______ do not want ] copies and understand that it is up to me to arrange for a copy service if I want copies, or if the manager or board member is willing to make copies, I agree to pay for them upon delivery, understanding that the Board/management or copy service will provide me the cost figures before reproduction.

  I understand that if any of the information requested requires redaction, in the opinion of the Association, to protect privacy and protect from identity theft, the redaction shall be done at my expense (limit of $10 per hour up to a maximum of $200] and I understand also that I will be responsible to pay the reasonable cost of copying the records requested.

_______________________________      :_____________________________________
Owner signature                                               Address of property in HOA