05/5/12Amending Governing Documents - It Doesn't have to be Painful!
07/3/21 Apathy - Perhaps the Biggest Problem HOA Boards Face
03/11/1Beth Grimm's Top 10 Ways to Stay Out of Legal - and other - Trouble - Part I
03/11/1Beth Grimm's Top Ten Ways to Stay Out of Legal - and other - Trouble - Part II
06/4/28Beth's Top Ten List to Stay out of Trouble
10/8/10Boards Hide (Why Do )... And What Happens When They Do?
06/11/15Borrowing from Reserves - How Healthy is it?
13/7/24Build Consensus and Trust in an HOA BOARD
07/10/28CA Agenda Requirements, The
08/6/01 Can't Amend the Documents This Year? - Get a Tune UP!
01/4/18Can This Marriage Be Saved?
06/1/29Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place - What is an HOA to do with Megan's Law?
06/10/5Changes to CA HOA Election Law Are Approved
15/9/15Corporate Status - Is Your Association's Status Suspended?
08/10/24Dealing With Difficult People ...Difficult Issues
05/5/24Debunking Some Myths Surrounding Collections
12/9/10 - revisedEarthquake Insurance - To Buy or Not to Buy?
07/1/14Earthquake Insurance - To Buy or Not to Buy? - The Mickey Mouse (Simple) Version
10/8/10 rev.Email - or Snail Mail????
10/4/29 rev.Enforcement, ADR or IDR? / Breaking the Code
10/2/15FHA News - What's Happening with Condo Loans - Is FInancing in Serious Jeopardy?
01/9/18Flag Flying in Condos
06/11/15HOA Loans - Is a (Reserve Allocation) Loan a Good Thing?
06/11/17Homeowners Bill of Rights - Be Sure to Read Between the Lines
01/3/9Homeowner's Bill of Rights
01/3/28How Do Associations Handle the Most Difficult Enforcement Cases?
06/11/16How to Budget and Assess Under the Law
08/10/24Is it the Pet...or the Pet Owner that is the real problem?
10/20/16 rev.Lease Limitation Restrictions - Legal in California??
03/1/29Legislative Perspective - Laws Regulations and Limitations Placed on HOAs in California
11/3/11 Maintenance Requirements - Lamden - Is it Unraveling?
03/11/3Manager Certification
10/13/3(Do) Managers Need to be Licensed to Oversee HOA Contracts?
01/5/17Most Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About the Amendment Process
07/3/16New Election Laws - Can "KISS" Be Applied?
11/3/12Owners Don't Like Unpleasant Surprises!   Sideswiping the Owners Will Have a Backlash!
01/3/9Recall - A Blessing or a Curse?
10/07/15 rev.Records Inspections
08/10/24Regulating Human Behavior...Can This Be Done?
13/9/25Small Association - The Big Picture - Compliance ­ Part I
13/12/03Small Association - The Big Picture - Compliance ­ Part II
05/12/15Summary Page for AB 1098 - New Records Inspection Law
06/4/28Surviving Each Other - The Art of Communication
02/2/15Ten Commandments for Board Members: Assessment Collection
01/3/28Watch out! A Penny Saved is Not Always a Penny Earned (Penny Pinching Woes)
05/12/15Watch Out! Your Association's Suspension of Corporate Status May Bite You!
12/5/30 revisedWater Leaks, Start to Finish
04/6/22What Are Transfer Fees?
02/12/10What Causes the need for a huge (unanticipated) assessment?
01/3/28What Do Technology, Meeting Minutes,and the Real Estate Community Have in Common?
08/10/24What Happens when "Idiots" Come to the HOA Meetings?
07/3/16What Ifs - The New Election Laws in California
01/10/31What If You Don't Carry Worker's Compensation Insurance?
01/3/27When ECHO Opens the Lines of (Tele)Communication - Good Things Happen
13/9/24Wittenberg v. Beachwalk HOA, Case No. S212545 Amicus Letter in Support of Petition for Review
10/2/28Who Fixes What in a Condo or Townhouse?
08/4/28Why Would Anyone Want to Blog.....or Blawg???
01/5/7Would You Choose to Go to War...if you had a choice?
13/3/11Would You Choose to Go to War...if you had a choice? - Updated
02/8/18Yes, Virginia, There is an Insurance Crisis

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