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As a realtor, you may want to start with "Frequently Asked Questions" of Realtors. In that section, you will find not only the most FAQs, but the answers that I have to give, each of which will lead you to more articles and publications that would be helpful in relation to that particular question. In case you don't find the information you need in the FAQs, you will find direct links below to other resources. If you sell property in common interest developments, you need specialized knowledge to make your job easier and satisfy your clients by helping them understand the concepts and meet their needs. In my publications, I have dealt with the issues that tend to arise between realtors and buyers or sellers in common interest developments, and the associations. I have spoken many times before groups of realtors. In the past, I have been given free space in real estate offices to give weekly presentations to homeowners, board members, managers and other interested persons, to educate them on the concept of common interest development living and how to deal with the types of issues that arise in that form of living.

Whether you need articles, FYIs, legal briefs, publications, forms, or even consultation you or your clients needs, there is a lot to offer in these pages. If it is legislation which interests you, you can go to the Pending Legislation page to read articles about legislation that has been proposed and is being considered (from the perspective or CLAC), and you can go to the resources page and find out about CLAC, a site where you can learn about the latest bills before the legislature, past, subject matter before the legislation, and trends in Sacramento.

Within the articles, you will find specific articles that relate to the relationship and necessity of amicable communications between the common interest development community and the real estate community.

In the opinion section, you will find information on various statues and laws, and the kinds of problems that are unique to homeowner associations.

In the publications section, you will find specific newsletters that deal with the issues within the real estate community that are brought about by selling in common interest development communities. (Hints, obtaining disclosures and finding the association contacts are probably the most frequent areas of concern that you have experienced.)

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