Telephone Consultations

There is a wealth of free information on this site in the form of frequently asked questions, my blog, client "FYIS", and articles. However, if you need a telephone consultation or even a web conference, with or without video, I can do this. I can dial in 2 telephone numbers without any charges to you, and I also have a virtual meeting room.  

The minimum cost is for 1 hour at $325. The $325 must be paid before any consultation would take place. I can do the conference with an individual or with more than one individual if you have speaker phone capability but I need the information requested below on every person that would be listening in on the conversation so that I do not create a conflict situation or ethical dilemma for myself. I will do consultations with board members, individual members not on the board, attorneys representing HOAs or members, or others who want to understand California law and how it relates to HOAs or a particular dispute.

Be advised that I cannot give legal advice on any matters not relating to California law, and cannot give advice in a situation where a conflict of interest may arise. So I need the following information prior to arranging a telephone call:

Name of all Client/Participant(s):_______________________________________________________________

Who you are:(HOA Board member, HO, attorney, other:___________________________________________________________________________



Telephone No. for call:___________________________________________

Fax Number for contact:___________________________ email address:_____________________

Name of Association Involved:_____________________________________________________________

Name of Managing Agent (if none, put self-managed):___________________________________________

Participants Relationship in/to Association (Board members, owners, manager, etc.):


Brief nature of problems/questions (subject matter only):________________________________________________________________________________


If you want me to review documents prior to consultation, an additional hour would be required (an additional $325 up front) and you need to list the documents you would intend to send: [DO NOT SEND ANY DOCUMENTS UNSOLICITED AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SEND ORIGINALS - SEND COPIES ONLY - AND ONLY AFTER AGREEMENT IS REACHED FOR CONSULT)

I would want you to review the following documents:



I want to pay by:

____ check (which I will mail to the address below with instructions for calling me)


____ credit card - I authorize that $_________ ($325 for consult, $325 for document review) be charged to the following credit card: [print all info carefully]



EXPIRATION DATE:_________________________

NAME AS IT APPEARS ON CARD:__________________________________________________


_____________________________________________________________________________[please print]


Signature: (you can send authorization by fax or by email)


BETH A. GRIMM, P.L.C. 3478 Buskirk Ave., Ste. 1000 Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 Ph. (925) 746-7177 Fax (925) 609-9135 email: bgcondolaw@aol.com

Fill out this form and send it and I will contact you. Please provide telephone, fax and/or email information for contact.



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