Thank you for your interest in my website. Below is information about how I work the consultation process. You need help, and I understand. There is a wealth of free information on this site in the form of Frequently Asked Questions, two different Blogs, Client "FYIS", a free E-newsletter that can be sent right to your email address, or past editions that can be found in the E-News Archives, and many Articles. I also offer over 30 affordable publications including books, primers and guides. If you spend some time on the site whatever you need may be there. Many have specific questions that I cannot answer without getting more information. If that is you, a consultation will be necessary if you want me to address your specific situation. I offer telephone consultations at a lower rate than regular services. A telephone consultation is $275.00. An office consultation is $320.

If you need a telephone consultation, I can arrange one. I can help any owner or Board "get their arms around" a problem and figure out a pragmatic way to deal with the issues. If you are an individual, I can call you at home or work. If you are a group of individuals, I can dial in two, or you can arrange a call in conference call. And if you are a board, and you can gather around a table in a board meeting with a speaker phone, I can provide an attorney-client consultation, i.e., an executive session meeting by telephone, which in turn saves you the extra costs commonly involved in travel time and any wasted time. I also do "standby" blocks of time where, for a flat fee of $150 plus time on the telephone charged at my hourly rate if you have a difficult meeting coming up and want to know I would be available to take a call. I offer standby periods in two hour windows.

MY SERVICES: Often, people are just out there dealing with problems and do not have a clue which direction to turn. What I do is:

  • analyze documents and history on situations to determine rights, obligations and remedies that can be imposed
  • help owners or neighbors or board members with complaints or problems to get their arms around the problem and chart out a course of action
  • write letters to Boards acting badly making appropriate demands and thus "educating" them about how to follow the law or fix a problem, which can be quite successful
  • advise on review of records and documents and rights or legal obligations
  • write demand letters to Owners acting badly and recite ramifications of continuing inappropriate behavior
  • outline all possible remedies for a particular problem
  • help directors or members deal with boards that seem dysfunctional, or vice versa (help boards with owners who have abandoned all reason)
  • give an honest assessment of legal standing and chances of prevailing (or losing) in any dispute, to the best of my ability given the information provided to me
  • write policies, rules, procedures, documents, amend existing documents, and refine association practices
  • review and provide opinions on contracts
  • encourage the practice of preventive law
  • advise on small claims remedies and help prepare cases
  • act as a consultant with expertise in HOA law to litigation and insurance defense attorneys

WHAT I DO NOT DO: I do not conduct or defend litigation or perform collections, or attend many face to face meetings, ADR processes, small claims court appeals, etc. And I cannot provide free consultations.

RATES: My rate is $320.00 per hour for all work except for telephone consultations with individuals or boards. The telephone consultations are $275.00 for a one-hour consultation. I have a special rate for full governing document update/restatement projects and can send a proposal explaining the process upon request. The CC&R Amendment/Update project rate is $275.00 per hour. You will find a link to information about Amending and Restating Governing Documents on the "mainpage" of the website.

For any new client,yhe one hour charge is nonrefundable. Fees must be paid up front. Once I have done a conflicts check and you are approved, you may go to my webstore and make the appropriate charge (which I will confirm for you).

If there are documents to review, before the call, I will need a retainer sufficient to cover at least 2 hours ($275 X 2) and will charge fees incurred against the retainer. The one hour minimum still applies. [NOTE: I don't open or download any unsolicited documents or files. No attorney-client privilege attaches until you are a client so do not send sensitive or confidential information.] On the consultation call, I estimate the time for additional services if requested, and require a retainer. I have been able to help thousands of people over the years to find solutions to their disputes and answer questions about what options are available given the facts and the situation. I would be pleased to assist you. I need sme information.

Name of all Client/Participant(s):


Who you are: (HOA Board member, HO, attorney, other):


Billing or MailingAddress:________________________________________________________________


Telephone No./Contact Information:___________________________________________

Fax Number for contact:________________________ email address:_____________________

Name of Association or Any Other Party That Might Be Involved, including attorneys (so I can do a conflicts check):


Name of Managing Agent for Association (if none, put self-managed): _____________________________________________________________________________

What is Your Relationship in/to the Association? (Board member, owner, manager, etc.): _____________________________________________________________________________

Brief nature of problems/questions (subject matter only): Try to stick with 50 words or less.



DOCUMENT REVIEW: My office is paperless. I accept only electronic files, and faxed documents. I do not accept any documents until an attorney-client relationship has been formed and I have agreed to provide services and receive documents. Tell me the documents you would like me to review:



Tell me how you would plan to pay for services:

____ check (which would be mailed to the address below with instructions for calling you)

____ credit card (which you would use to charge for the consultation on the website once I approve you as a client).

You can:
FAX THE FORM TO: 925-215-8454 OR
BETH A. GRIMM, P.L.C. 3478 Buskirk Ave., Ste. 1000, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Ph. (925) 746-7177 Fax (925) 215-8454 email:

As soon as I have a chance to look at this form, I will contact you or send you an email about whether I can provide services. I will have to do a conflicts check so make sure that you list all potentially involved parties. It usually takes not more than a few days to provide a response, but it could take up to a week. You may call and tell me you sent it if you want to try and expedite a consultation. If you fax the form, send me an email to alert me to the above email address.